"Rural Theatre Project provides an opportunity for us, the company, to serve the community through performances that are both engaging and pertinent to our rural home.  In the process, we will gain life skills, self-respect and a deeper understanding of who and what we are. By filling a void in our own life, we can work towards filling a void echoed within the community."

"The comparison with the dozen teens who are working together tonight and the chaotic mob that first descended upon Theatre Forum is striking."

                                       Caroline Kehne, Brome County News


“His (Freeman’s) vision is one of constant interplay between the two women… They are so convincing that you have to remind yourself they are not Aurelia and Sylvia, and that this is just a play.” Letters Home

                                                 Diahann Nadeau – The Record


“In the absence of any strongly suggested stage directions or theatrical structure, acting coach Freeman says he workshopped the script to discover the pieces centre… For her part Barnes couldn’t be more pleased with the interpretation that has evolved. “I think Chris is brilliant. The more I play, the more I see it, I think how could you do it any other way?” Letters Home

                                         Jake Brennan, Special to the Record


“Freeman’s greatest asset was his character development skills. Each of the characters in the play has certain quirks that Freeman capitalized on.” Rumors

                                Steven Warburton – Brome County News

“A rapid-fire succession of vignettes cover dysfunctional family dynamics, community stereotyping, contemporary music, manipulation of youth and the drug and sex culture that once seemed so remote but now threatens even sedate rural regions such as the Townships. The performance holds

a mirror to a society that spends an inordinate amount of money dressing kids and remarkably little time listening to them.” Forum

                                                              Caroline Kehne, Record


“The play is directed with a guiding but gentle hand by Chris Freeman. Freeman specializes in characterizations and challenges his actors to build an interior history for their new persona. You can see that takes place here-” Arsenic and Old Lace

                                                     Wendy Denman – The Guide


“The Crimson Conclusion is brilliant… I was fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of this production at St. Andrew’s United Church recently and I was impressed by the series of thought-provoking vignettes – some of them shocking, some disturbing and some bittersweet.”

                                                        Dan Rosenburg – Le Soleil

"Watching some of these kids growing up outside our store, I saw their lives go downhill with drink and drugs. I have seen some incredible improvements in such a short time because of Chris (Freeman). As an immigrant I am really impressed that such a program came to this little community."

                                                     Gala, Euro-Deli, Mansonville


"Freeman offered a fantastic opportunity to these talented individuals to grow and to experience the satisfaction that comes from being involved in every aspect of a creative process... It goes a long way to improving self-esteem and one's sense of place and belonging.  Bravo to you all for a successful project."

                                                                            Sharon, Sutton

"Thank you so much! You guys were great. A special thank you for what you do for your community!"

                                                                            Qita, Stanstead

"I admire these young people who researched and wrote the script, the music of poems they sang, created the costumes and the scenery.  Their play displays a great vivacious creativity as they worked very hard and succeeded, because they put all their heart into it."

                                                                              Gérard Leduc,

                                 President of Potton Heritage Association

"I wish to tell you all how impressed I was with the hard work you put in to get the result."

                                 Iseult Séguin Aubé, Make Way for Youth

"A short note to say how much we enjoyed having you at our school over the past 6 months. It has flown by. We are so happy you approached us and that we agreed. It was great for everyone concerned. The students, I know will miss seeing you all as will the staff. It was wonderful to watch the individuals and the group grow, blossom and soar!"

                    Renalee Gore, Principal Mansonville Elementary

“Without (Freeman) I don’t think I would have discovered how many talents I possess…I have been profoundly changed and credit the skills gained for giving me the confidence to pursue a career combining my newfound interest in communications and the community. For nearly four years I enjoyed a successful career as a reporter for an English language newspaper, winning an award in the process.”

                                                                Corrinna, Sherbrook

“I've bought a house and started a roofing corporation. I have a beautiful, loving, girlfriend living with me... I've taken some ballroom dance lessons, went on a few trips, played a few games. I've got some really good friends since I've moved on.

I remember the advice you gave me to just let go for a bit, relax... you where right… Whenever I let it go, at least for a little while I start to feel human again; vibrant and enthused.”

                                                                               Jed, Ottawa


Chris helped me get out of my shell artistically and helped me develop a sense of confidence in my work. I am now an accomplished filmmaker and I thank Chris for helping me develop my writing skills and the directing of actors.

                                                                             Ara, Montreal

Christopher Freeman

514 809 4321