“The knowledge that every day there is something more to learn, something higher to reach for, something new to make for others, makes each day infinitely precious.”  - Uta Hagen


Why do we do what we do? Explore the relationship behind motives from Plato’s philosophy to Jungian psychology: archetypes, mysticism, symbolism and mythology to sociology, evolution, group dynamics, behavioral studies, narrative and neuroscience.


​What’s holding you back; a touch of fear, lethargy, a lack of clarity? Everything you’ve always wanted is just outside your comfort zone. 

Find your voice and gain confidence

through project-based learning

and get the best one-on-one support,

tailored to your needs



Imagination is a valuable resource for more than actors, artists and musicians

Discover your creative edge beyond presentation and performance

If you were to type 'the power of creativity' into a search engine, you will find scores of sites espousing this key phrase. It may have even been what brought you here. But how can you access this power to achieve professional advantage?


My tried and true method engages two distinct approaches that will unleash creative potential: 

Structure in art, as in business and life, is key to creativity. This may seem counter-intuitive, but once embraced will profoundly shift your capabilities. The other primary aspect to creativity is that imagination lives in the body and thus, can be directly accessed through movement and breath techniques.


Master of story with over 30 credits as a writer, director and/or producer, Creative Director of seven production companies throughout Southwest Quebec, responsible for casting, direction, design, media and community relations; private acting coach in Toronto and Vancouver, and taught on-camera courses at New Actor’s Workshop in Montreal. Wrote a dozen mounted plays, along with several screenplays including co-writer of the Toronto Film Challenge finalist, “Cooked”. Currently developing a sitcom and the animated feature “Cinderella, After the Ball”.



Whatever the size of your business, whether a local NGO or international corporation, step out from behind your desk and grow beyond your projections.

Actualize tangibles while cultivating your business culture. I’ve animated hundreds of workshops, delivering on diverse subjects such as teambuilding, leadership, employee wellbeing, active listening and presentation techniques.


​Poised for your needs: Book a 90-minute creative sales seminar, keynote speech, half-day motivational workshop or a weekend retreat. Groups of all sizes tailored to your needs.


Innovative solutions require creative strategies.



“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls." 

                                                                                                                   ― Joseph Campbell 

Train One-on-One to…

Clarify your career aspirations

Prepare and listen to your client

Amend your pitch to engage clients

Utilize story craft to boost your close

Gain confidence and embody comfort

Raise your game while managing stress

Certified Sales Coach

A career rooted in dramatic arts, cognitive promotion and behavioral sales, features three years working with some of the top pitch people in direct marketing on Sweepa, Ginsu, Chamois, K-tel and many more. This convergence with a dedication to truth provides you a unique perspective as you learn to actualize the step-by-step strategy to accomplish your goals.


One-on-one support, adapted to your professional requirements. The moment you start to practice this proven method you will gain measureable results while you learn transferable skills.



Long before I became certified as a coach, I trained individuals from across the social/economic spectrum. I’ve experienced living beyond my desires, on top of the world trekking the Himalayas and I’ve been on pilgrimage without need. I’ve also been one with the disenfranchised, and know what it means to be unemployed, desperate and inches from the street.

Project–based learning - life lessons - self-awareness - inner peace

Whether you’re stuck in a rut, low spirits or dead end job, searching for answers, can’t get out of bed, frustrated with life, family, wife, feeling out of balance, stress, longing for a career, obstacles entering the labour market or are looking for a fresh start. Want to get healthy, wealthy and wise? There’s a plan for you.

Grasp the Tools for Your Success


Root out barriers to personal growth

Seek your fortune

Reach Goals

Discover joy

Find your best self

Be the person you want to be

Take the next step toward prosperity

For those with limited resources,

flexible rates are available

New clients welcome

Christopher Freeman 

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